How can I be sure my Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Is Properly Sanitized?

October 21, 2020

How can I be sure my Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Is Properly Sanitized?

Safe water requires that you keep your spa water sanitized. But how the heck do you do that? Well, you bought a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and almost all Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs come with a factory-installed CLEARRAY® UV Sanitizing System so you just need to supplement with a little weekly treatment! ALL 2021 model Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs will come with both UV and Ozone, we call that super-charged combination "CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™".

One of our most popular sanitizing systems is the Frog @Ease SmartChlor™ system. It's available as an easy to use floater (to fit the J-200™ models and ANY make/model hot tub) or as a custom designed cartridge system (designed to fit  any J-300™, J-400™, J-500™ & J-LX™ model spa). This is our most popular sanitizing system, but you can also opt for a more traditional water care system as well...keep reading to learn more abut your options...

FROG® @Ease® SmartChlor™ Floating System: This system is perfect for the J-200™ models and ANY other make/model hot tub. Simple balance your water then toss in your floating @Ease® SmartChlor™ floater and shock once a month, so easy! It combines the power of minerals with a low dose, time released chlorine that is designed to work for your hot tub. With FROG Minerals and SmartChlor® Technology, you’ll enjoy Fresh Mineral Water® that kills bacteria 2 ways with up to 75%* less chlorine and a lot less work! Learn more about how this system works, click HERE.

FROG® @Ease® System for Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs: Same concept as the floating system but built to attach to your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub's filter housing so it's not visible and out of sight. To learn more about how this system works, click HERE.

CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology: What is CLEARRAY® Technology, you may ask? Simply put, it's a UV-C light source that destroys waterbourne pathogens, bacteria and undesirables. You will need to replace your UV-C bulb every year, click HERE to learn how easy it is to replace your CLEARRAY® UV-C Bulb.

If you DON"T use the FROG @Ease® SmartChlor™ System, in order to safely destroy bacteria and organic compounds in the spa water, a sanitizer must be used regularly. We also suggest a Mineral Cartridge to help freshen the water with less need for sanitizers. Chlorine and bromine are the two most popular sanitizers on the market (we suggest chlorine). Keep reading for more details on how and why they work...

Spa Chlorine Granules: This concentrated granular product is the most trusted sanitizer in the industry. Be sure that you are using a product that is formulated for use in a hot tub, using chlorine that is made for a pool could result in irreversible damage to your spa's equipment and shell. A small amount goes a long way, try starting with a teaspoon after each use, more may be needed with higher frequency use. *If your spa has an ozone system added to it, testing for chlorine will seem impossible as an ozone system will burn out unused chlorine, so the test strips will always read at zero. Continue to test for pH/Alkalinity weekly and use your granulated chlorine and a little Spa Shock Oxidizer after each use for best results.

Spa Brominating Tabs: Bromine is a great alternative to chlorine, especially if a family member has a chlorine allergy. Pre-measured tablets are popular and get inserted into a floating dispenser to deliver a slow and steady amount of sanitizer to the water. Be sure you don't overuse bromine tablets, no more than 2-3 in the dispenser at a time. And bromine needs to be "shocked" prior to use to re-active it so you will want to add a small amount of Spa Shock Oxidizer just before use.

ProClear™ Mineral Cartridge: Your ProClear™ Mineral Cartridge will need to be replaced every 4 months, but it's worth every penny! It fits inside your primary  filter and delivers trace elements of silver to the water. ProClear™Minerals kill bacteria more effectively than chlorine on it's own buts needs a little Spa Shock Oxidizer to be efficient. When the special mixture of silver and minerals come in contact with Spa Shock Oxidizer, a mild sanitizer is released into the water. Use in conjunction with the CLEARRAY® Water Purification System for clean, clear water. Reduces chlorine demand and requirement by up to 50%.

ProClear™ Plus: Although not technically a sanitizer, ProClear™ Plus is a popular additive for soft, conditioned water and works well at preventing dry skin for those with sensitive skin conditions who are concerned about sanitizers creating irritation. It also help keeps the water in balance and works at preventing bio-film build up in your hot tub's plumbing lines. It's gentle enough to be used weekly and has a soft lavender scent. Although not essential, it's a very useful product to deliver beautiful water with less chemicals.

There are other additives that are available for your spa. Some are necessary to compensate for out-of-balance water (we call those Balancers); some aid in cosmetic water treatment (Oxidizers and Cleaners) and others simply alter the feel or smell of the water. 

When adding products to your water, especially chlorine or bromine, activate the jets pump(s) and leave the spa cover open for a minimum of 20 minutes. By doing this you will allow excessive chemical vapors to exit the spa, protecting pillows and plastic knobs from chemical attack.

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