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CLEARRAY® XL UV Replacement Bulb

$72.99 USD $103.99 USD

The CLEARRAY® XL Replacement Bulb is PN# 6472-841 and is compatible with most Jacuzzi® and Sundance® Spas, manufacture date 2012+, please refer to your Owner's Manual in case you need the smaller version. As odd 2020 this is the most current version and is now standard on both brands.

The CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology treats water with the power of nature-inspired ultraviolet light to neutralize water-borne pathogens. Ultraviolet light disrupts the DNA of bacteria and viruses. This process occurs in a small water-treatment chamber, away from bathers. All water from your hot tub circulates through this chamber and emerges clean and sanitized. The result is clean, clear, fresh water.

Most homeowners will find the CLEARRAY® XL Bulb is an easy part to replace and only requires a screwdriver. Be aware that in most normal conditions, UV light is invisible. Please don't look directly at a UV bulb unless you are certain it is turned off. You must disconnect power to your hot tub before you replace the bulb. Simply turning off your hot tub is not enough. Oil from your fingers can degrade the delicate coating on the UV lightbulb and reduce its lifespan, so each bulb includes a disposable latex glove for proper handling.

For a quick tutorial on how to change the CLEARRAY® XL Bulb, check out the video we've attached here or click HERE to visit our blog to learn more great water care and hot tub maintenance tips!