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Jacuzzi® PROCLARITY® Depth Load Filter, 6473-161J

$13.49 USD $21.99 USD

The Jacuzzi® PROCLARITY® Depth Load Filter is an ultra-dense filter that captures the smallest particle and polishes the water. It is designed to sit inside the PROCLARITY® canister.  DO NOT wash or rinse, replace every 3-4 months.

Compatible with 2012+ Jacuzzi® J-495™, J-400™, and J-425™ models. Also compatible with 2013+ Jacuzzi J-400™ models, 2015+ J-500™ models and 2011+ J-LX™ models, and can also be used on 2014+ J-300™ models.

The 40 sq. ft. upper PROCLARITY® filter is PN# 6473-157J and can be purchased separately. Can also be used with 50sq. ft PROCLARITY® filter PN# 6473-158 and 30 sq. ft. PROCLARITY filter PN# 6473-156 on older models.