Jacuzzi® Filters

Jacuzzi® PROCLARITY® 40 sq. ft. Primary Filter, 6473-157J

$55.49 USD $89.10 USD

The Jacuzzi® PROCLARITY® 40 sq. ft. primary filter, 6473-157J, goes on top of the PROCLARITY® filter system canister, which sits in-line with the circulation pump on many Jacuzzi® models. 

Compatible with 2012+ Jacuzzi® J-495™, J-400™, and J-425™ models. Also compatible with 2013+ Jacuzzi J-400™ models, 2015+ J-500™ models and 2011+ J-LX™ models. J-300™ models may be upgraded to include the PROCLARITY® filter system and will require the PROCLARITY® Filter Canister Housing, 6473-160, and the PROCLARITY® Filter Pin, 6473-159.

See also PROCLARITY® Depth Load filter, 6473-161 which can be purchased separately or as part of our PROCLARITY® Filter Bundle.