Natural Chemistry Phosphate Test Strips 10ct.

$13.99 USD

High levels of phosphates in hot tubs and pools can cause cloudy, foamy water that's a hassle to manage. This 10ct Phosphate Test kit is perfect for hot tubs and pool in areas where phosphates are suspected. 

Directions for Use:

  • Fill test tube (0106) to 10 ml line.
  • Remove one test strip from the bottle. Close bottle cap tightly after removing strip. Gently bend strip in half (do not fold) with pads facing inward. Place strip inside test tube cap.
  • Cap test tube and invert slowly 5 times (invert the tubs slowly allow the bubble to go from the top to the bottom and bottom to top).
  • Remove cap and test strip.
  • Place bottom of test tubs on white boxed area of color chart.  Look down through OPEN test tube and compare to color chart.

Important: Algae must be treated prior to testing or treating phosphates. Chlorine must be under 5 ppm before testing phosphate.