Jacuzzi® FROG® @Ease Quarterly Bundle

$134.90 USD $137.87 USD

This "bundle" contains the following (for most households will equal a 3-4 month supply):

  • (1) Jacuzzi® FROG @Ease® Sanitizing System ( PN# 6573-294) 1 mineral cartridge loose in box not sealed in pouch, 1 SmartChlor@ cartridge sealed in pouch, 1 Jump Start packet and 1 bottle of @Ease Test Strips)
  • (1) Jacuzzi® 3-pack SmartChlor® Cartridges (PN# 6473-295)
  • (3) FROG Maintain Shock Packets 

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Please note that with this product the Mineral Cartridge does not arrive in a sealed pouch. The SmartChlor cartridge will be in a sealed pouch.

NOTE: This style SmartChlor® will only work with the filter attachment clip on select models, PN# 6473-316, sold separately. See pictures and instructions. Please email us if you have questions about your spa's compatibility. Compatible (with the holder, sold separately) with the following spas:

  • 2015+ J-500 Series Hot Tubs
  • 2013+ J-400 Series Hot Tubs
  • 2012 J-495, J-425, J-415 (Not compatible with the J-460) models
  • All J-300 Series Hot Tubs
  • 2023+ J-200 Series Hot Tubs

Making life easier for Jacuzzi® owners is the goal of this FROG @ease System. It’s conveniently designed to fit on the filter cartridge in most Jacuzzi® hot tubs (exception is olderJ-200 models). Cleaner, Clearer and Softer® water is just down the road at your local Jacuzzi® dealer.  With FROG Minerals and SmartChlor® Technology, you’ll enjoy Fresh Mineral Water®∞ that kills bacteria 2 ways with up to 75%* less chlorine and a lot less work!

For the FLOATING style SmartChlor® cartridges, see PN# 6473-193 (works on J-200 and all other models)