Floating FROG @Ease Annual Bundle

$349.00 USD $359.70 USD

This "bundle" contains the following (for most households will equal a 1 YEAR supply):

  • (3) Floating FROG® @Ease Sanitizing System: 1 Mineral Cartridge, 1 SmartChlor® Cartridge, 1 Jump Start Packet and 1 bottle of @Ease Test Strips
  • (3) 3-pack Floating SmartChlor® Cartridges

*This bundles does NOT contain any Maintain Shock Packets but they can be purchased as needed separately. Please note that with this product the Mineral Cartridge does not arrive in a sealed pouch. The SmartChlor cartridge will be in a sealed pouch.

This Floating style system is compatible with ALL hot tub makes and models. FROG @ease® is a combination of sanitizing minerals with SmartChlor® Technology to kill bacteria 2 ways. You get soft water that smells great (no heavy chemical smells here) and it's self-regulating so it's easy to maintain. When it's time to change out your SmartChlor® cartridge, it just flips over. it's up to 75% less chlorine and shock only once a month.