Perfect Balance Bundle

$98.00 USD $105.76 USD

The foundation for clean and clear water is a well "balanced" hot tub. When we start off with a healthy balance of pH, alkaline and hardness then we get better results from our sanitizing systems.

This "bundle" contains the following products to get you started off in the right direction and is compatible with ALL water care and sanitizing systems:

(1) Jacuzzi® Alkalinity Up(2 lbs), 2473-125

(1) Jacuzzi® pH Up(2 lbs), 2473-123

(1) Jacuzzi® pH/Alkalinity Down(2.5 lbs), 2473-124

(1) Jacuzzi® ProTect™ Plus (32oz), 2473-126

(1) Jacuzzi® Calcium Hardness Increaser (32oz), 2473-129

(1) Jacuzzi® 5-way Test Strips (50 ct), 2473-001