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Jacuzzi® Brand Essential Starter Kit (Chlorine)

$84.99 USD $124.00 USD

Let's get started off on the right foot. The Jacuzzi® Chlorine Essential Starter Kit has everything you need to balance your spa's water and maintain great water clarity for the next 2-4 months (depending on frequency of use). 

Each kit contains: 1lb. Chlorine Granules, 8oz. Spa Non-chlorinating Shock, 1pt. of ProTect Plus (for stain and scale), 14oz. Calcium Hardness Increaser, 1pt. Natural Spa Water Clarifier, 8oz. Defoamer, 1pt. Spa All Purpose Cleaner, 1lb. Spa Alkalinity Up, 1lb. Spa pH Up, 1lb. Spa pH Down/Alkalinity Down, 10 test strips and complete hot tub and water care guide.